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Installation instruction

Installation process

If you want to install your own surface mounted cabinets, there are some steps that you need to take in order to make sure that this is done right. You will need two 1 ½” screws and two sheetrock anchors.


Step 1 –

Position your jewelry closet cabinet exactly where you want it on the wall. Mark the placement desired with the sheetrock anchors by pushing the screws into the center of the pre-drilled mounting holes. You can also use a pencil to mark the center of the mounting holes. Set the cabinet aside.


Step 2 –

Place the point of the sheetrock anchor on the marks. Screw the sheetrock anchors into the sheetrock using the screwdriver. The anchor face should be flush with the sheetrock.


Step 3 –

Reposition the cabinet as desired and insert the top screw through the cabinet. It needs to go into the anchor. Tighten it. Be sure that you have both screws started before you tighten them completely to make sure that you can move the cabinet a little bit if you need to. Repeat with the bottom screws. Do not over tighten. The screws should be just snug enough to hold the cabinet against the wall and no tighter.


NOTE: If the screw holes line up with the studs in the wall, sheetrock anchors won’t be necessary.


To learn more about how to do this, or to see a diagram, go here (insert Installation PDF).


Cabinet Installation Instructions

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Finish and Assembly Instructions

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Installation is easy and we can help if you need us to.

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